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Both China Ship and China Ship Defense are suspended for major events

2018/07/23 16:56
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At the same time, it announced at the same time that the controlling shareholder China State Shipbuilding Corporation is planning major events, which may involve restructuring of the company's assets. The company's stock will be suspended from the 27th. The announcement promises to determine whether to carry out the above-mentioned major events as soon as possible, and promises to determine whether the matter constitutes a major asset restructuring within 10 trading days after the suspension.
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China Heavy Industries repurchased the shares of the two major shipping companies.
The long-term must be divided, and the long-term must be combined.
This law has been very vividly reflected in the craze of the merger of central enterprises. Many enterprises that were "same roots" were split into various categories and then re-established as "family" in this round of restructuring of central enterprises.
After the aviation industry, railways and shipping, the new "big Mac" seems to be produced in the shipbuilding industry. In the recent process of asset restructuring of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), the outside world The long-awaited "North-South ship" merger seems to be clearing the final obstacles a little.
North Ship Action
China National Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., a listed company of CSIC, issued an announcement on September 14 to announce the long-established framework agreement for major asset restructuring. It plans to issue shares to purchase 42.99% of the shares of Dalian Ship (hereinafter referred to as Dachuan Heavy Industry) and Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wuchuan Heavy Industry) 36.15% of the shares.
This is also the following August 16 this year, China Heavy Industry announced Xinda Asset Management, Eastern Asset Management, State-owned Capital Venture Capital Fund, State-owned Enterprise Structure Adjustment Fund, Life Insurance, Huabao Investment, China Merchants Pingxiang Asset Management and Guohua Military-civilian Integration Industry Development The fund, with debt-to-equity swaps and cash-increase methods, injected another 22.168 billion yuan into its wholly-owned subsidiary, Dachuan Heavy Industry and Wuchuan Heavy Industry. China Heavy Industries has made another significant progress in asset restructuring.
According to the framework agreement, China Heavy Industries will repurchase the shares of the subsidiaries previously obtained by eight state-owned shareholders through debt-to-equity swaps and cash injections. The framework agreement did not disclose the transaction consideration for China Heavy Industries Repurchase.